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The reports and comments on this site are currently written by Keith Goode.

ERA’s reports mainly cover precious and base metals companies where anyone can see what the price of the product is, with the majority being gold companies, followed by nickel companies.

The reports are paid for by the company concerned and email distributed free. However, we only do them if we like the management (70%), project (20%) and country (10%) for which you need about 90% in each category.

Sites are visited in order to write a report, and typically a week is spent with a company and then it is written up in the following 2 to 3 weeks, with excel modeling where required slowing the report's timing. Report sizes are typically 6 to 12 pages.

Nov 2018 - RNC Beta Hunt Gold

RNX/RNC’s Beta Hunt Gold Discovery

This comment has been mainly drawn from a presentation that RNC (Royal Nickel Corporation - RNX.TSX www.rncminerals.com ) made at Kerry Stevenson’s Symposium Conference in Perth in October 2018, plus post presentation discussions with RNX, RNX’s November 2018 presentation and ERA’s own knowledge from visiting Beta Hunt in 2005 and 2006 (reports available on the eagleres website) when it was owned by Consmin (CSM).

Aug 2018 - Northern Star Auto

Northern Star Leading the Charge into Automation

At the Adobe Symposium Conference in Sydney on 15 August 2018, Adobe included its latest product, namely Adobe Sensei that uses a blue dot and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to result in mind-blowing advances in terms of graphics and marketing capabilities. Although AI, robots, innovation, and automation are all advancing at an accelerated pace, it was stated that only 9% of the top ASX companies were embracing automation.

Jul 2018 - Typical SA Gold Mine

A Typical South African Gold Mine

To some degree this description is due to some of the spectacular statements still being made in conferences by various companies (initially Artemis/Novo, followed by a number of others) about the mega-moz potential of their Pilbara gold-bearing conglomerates on the basis that they are similar to South Africa’s Witwatersrand basin gold conglomerates and were formed at about the same time, being ~2.4bn to 2.8bn years ago.

Jun 2018 - Sampling Sandstone

Soil Sampling Works at Sandstone

On 13 & 14 June 2018, Alto (AME) reported the progress of its soil sampling program at its mostly wholly owned Sandstone goldfield and discovery of a ~1.3km x 1.3km anomaly south of the Bull Oak open-pit, of which ~30% of the assays have values >30ppb. The actual distribution reported includes 42 assay samples between 31 & 100ppbAu, 17 from 101 to 300ppbAu and 3 >300ppbAu. The significance of >300ppb and the cluster in the >200ppb area shown in the figure is that from what I recall, an ~300ppb gold-in-soil anomaly usually inferred that it could/should result in a gold mine, as illustrated by the Plutonic gold mine having been based on a ~300ppb gold anomaly.