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May 2019 - Black Cat Syndicate

Black Cat Syndicate (BC8) – Focusing on Myhree - Boundary for Early Production

This is an update report on Black Cat Syndicate’s (BC8’s) prospects in the ~18km long N/S strike length of most of the historic, forgotten, Bulong Goldfield only ~25km east of Kalgoorlie which ERA last visited in August 2018 and emailed a report dated 17 September 2018 (which is available on the www.eagleres.com.au and www.blackcatsyndicate.com.au [under media] websites). Since then, BC8’s understanding of the geology has undertaken another significant step forward, identifying a sedimentary (polymictic) conglomerate rock unit (in diamond drill core), plus other mineralisation controls as it focuses on enhancing its mineral resources at Myhree/Trump & Boundary, and at Queen Margaret (QM) that were reported in February 2019.

Other Key Points: :

  • BC8 has a major advantage in a region that has many operating plants, that are full unless: there is reasonable grade (ideally >2 to 2.5g/t), high >92% recovery, easily accessible, near surface oxide mineral feed – all of which the Bulong Goldfield has with its surfaced road access adjacent to Kalgoorlie, and oxide depth of ~50m to 70m at Myhree and Boundary, & recovery ~93% to 99%.
  • Black Cat has subdivided its Bulong goldfield into 3 gold camps being (in Figure 1a): Kanowna Belle (KB) Lookalike, Woodline, and Queen Margaret (QM), of which the current focus is on the southern end of the KB Lookalike/northern end of QM gold camps that cover Boundary to Myhree.
  • With ~50koz identified at Myhree in the ~4 to 6 parallel NS striking almost vertical lodes in the designed pit as reported in February 2019 (486kt @ 3.2g/t), drilling is understandably focusing on depth extensions below the planned ~130m deep pit, plus possible extensions (north and south), with recent (29 April 2019) northerly intersections of 9m @ 6.6g/t, 10m @ 7.6g/t & 10m @ 4.2g/t.
  • A number of targets south of Boundary through the application of SAM and geochem, have been identified in the ~600 to 800m gap (shown in Figure 1b), between Boundary and Myhree, and there is ongoing exploration of these ~NNE/SSW parallel targets.
  • The small diamond drilling (DD) programme identified a polymictic (sedimentary) conglomerate host for the mostly quartz vein-style mineralisation in the Bulong Goldfield, and green fuchsite alteration signatures comparable to Kanowna Belle’s host rocks, plus the deeper depth of oxidation, and a basaltic unit which has resulted in a revised geological plan (shown in Figure 2a).
  • The DD programme inferred that MU may have been a hangingwall lode of QM, and not the offset extension of QM, as there are double-digit intercepts of 13.4g/t & 12.5g/t etc in the footwall of MU. So the extension of QM may still remain unmined in MU’s footwall – requiring further work.
  • Although Virgin Dam, Anomaly 38 and Woodline are still on the “radar screen”, PW (east of Myhree as shown in Figure 2a) has understandably come under further review.
  • Written by: Keith Goode
  • Sunday, 05 May 2019