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Tagged with: 2017

Feb 2017 - Carbine Res Ltd

Carbine Resources Limited (CRB)Targeting 20kozAu to 40kozAu per year for >20 years at an AISC of <A$550/oz (potentially [ERA ests] <A$450/oz) from QLD’s old Mount Morgan mine. 

Apr 2017 - Southern Gold Ltd

Southern Gold Limited (SAU) – Using Cannon’s Cashflow to Advance its Mostly Brownfields Prospects in Australia and South Korea

May 2017 - Centennial Mining

Centennial Mining Ltd (CTL) – Ramping up to higher grade gold production of >20,000ozpa

Jun 2017 - Intermin Res Ltd

Intermin Resources Limited (IRC) – Profiting from its Small Mining Projects

Jul 2017 - Alto Metals Ltd

Alto Metals Limited (AME) – Applying a Systematic Approach Resulting in Discoveries and Turning them into Account as SMPs

Jul 2017 - Drones are Coming

Drones Transforming Exploration Mapping

Many of us have seen the videos taken by drones of mine and exploration properties presented at conferences in about the past two years by companies such as Carbine (CRB) etc, however in mid-June I saw the next stage, namely that of mapping being used by Alto Metals (AME) at their almost wholly owned Sandstone goldfield in WA.

Jul 2017 - Read Old Workings

Learning how to Read Old Workings

As the Australian gold mining industry passes through another phase of goldfield revival, I continue to be amazed that many do not seem able to read the old workings, but have to admit that I have never seen a course on that subject.

Aug 2017 - Dacian Gold Limited

Dacian Gold Limited (DCN) – Accelerating to >200kozpa of New Gold Mine Production at Mt Morgans

Aug 2017 - MacPhersons Res

MacPhersons (MRP) Update based on a Pre - Diggers 2017 Visit to Boorara

Oct 2017 - Draig Resources Ltd

Draig Resources Limited (DRG) – Reviving the Bellevue Gold Mine and Project

Nov 2017 - Black Cat Syndicate

Black Cat Syndicate (BC8) – IPO to Explore the Queen Margaret Mines Area of Bulong

Nov 2017 - High Grade Thrusts

Some Orebodies may have two High Grade Plunge Directions

The following comments are based purely on observation, but to some degree what started this was my observation that an old black & white section by Dominion through Meekatharra closely resembled that of its section through the Westralia pit of Mt Morgans.