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Tagged with: 2019

Apr 2019 - Kalamazoo Res Ltd

Reviewing the Extensive data plus new Geology info before Drilling

May 2019 - Black Cat Syndicate

Black Cat Syndicate (BC8) – Focusing on Myhree - Boundary for Early Production

Jun 2019 - Back to 1984!

Google Earth can go back to 1984!

The following comments are based purely on observation. While writing a research report for Red5 (RED) I wondered if it was possible to see on Google Earth when the bund wall for the ~20Mt No 5 Tailings Pond had been built at RED’s 100% owned King of the Hills (KOTH) mine. Also, whether the wall failure that occurred in the KOTH north pit, which effectively closed the open-cut operations in 2004 could be seen (before and afterwards).

July 2019 - RED 5 Ltd

Stepping up Production from 100kozpa while reducing costs : June 2019 Site Visit to KOTH and Darlot

July 2019 - Bellevue Gold Ltd

Establishing a 3 to 5 Moz High Grade Gold Resource at Bellevue

Sep 2019 - The Next Nova

The Next Nova

Despite the many exploration dollars spent in the Fraser Range, both before and increasingly after the discovery of Nova in August 2012, nothing else of material significance has been discovered apart from Creasy’s Silver Knight in July 2018, ~25km NE on strike of Nova. At the dinner after the Nova visit ahead of Diggers in August 2019, it was stated that the three potentially promising “players” for the next discovery in the Fraser Range were regarded as Independence (IGO), Creasy (private) and Legend (LEG).