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Sep 2018 - Black Cat Syndicate

Black Cat Syndicate (BC8) – Unravelling the Geology For Potentially High Grade Resources

ERA visited a number of Black Cat Syndicate’s (BC8’s) prospects (being Queen Margaret, Melbourne United, Slug Hill, Trump, Strathfield, Myhree, Boundary, Wakeful, Virgin Dam, Fenceline/Woodline, Galore and Anomaly 38) of the ~18km long N/S strike length of most of the historic, forgotten, Bulong Goldfield only ~25km east of Kalgoorlie after Diggers in August 2018, as shown in Figure 1a. This was ERA’s first visit to the Bulong goldfield, having written the IPO Summary that was reported on 28 November 2017 and is available on the www.eagleres.com.au and www.blackcatsyndicate.com.au (under media) websites.

The tenement package as shown in Figures 1a and 1b is ~18km long x ~6km wide in the north, narrowing down to ~1.7km wide in the south, with the half-way point at about the location of Virgin Dam. BC8 has focused on unravelling the geology of the goldfield, initially at Queen Margaret (QM), where the gold mineralisation seems to be mostly associated with dyke-like porphyries.

  • BC8 has identified the controls behind the gold mineralisation which explains why so much development was off reef between Queen Margaret and Melbourne United and this has indicated areas of upside potential, amongst the three broad N/S mineralised corridors (of Figure 2a).
  • The three mineralised corridors as identified by old workings etc, are open on strike showing extensions to: the Queen Margaret Corridor Nth through Wakeful to Federation, Boundary Corridor possibly ~1.4km Sth past the Queen Margaret mines, and then there is the open Trump Corridor.
  • For most of the goldfield where there is stoping, there appears to be porphyry, with most of the historical stoping on the hangingwall contact of the porphyry, whereas there appears to be (mostly) unmined stockwork gold mineralisation within the porphyry and also on its footwall contact.
  • The planned (with 50% funding [~$138k] already approved) 4-drillhole EIS programme mostly in the Queen Margaret area (see Figure 9) was expected to start by the end of September with results expected to be reported in DQ2018.
  • BC8 has been concentrating on the southern half of its tenements that have an ~6km to 7km strike length of continuous old workings from Queen Margaret to Federation (north of Strathfield).
  • Some resources (Queen Margaret, and possibly Boundary) were expected to be reported in DQ2018, probably after some confirmatory diamond drilling.
  • Follow-up drilling has been planned for the areas of : Queen Margaret, Melbourne United, White Horse, Strathfield/Myhree, Boundary, Galore and A38 during DH2018, with the palaeos much later.
  • Written by: Keith Goode
  • Monday, 17 September 2018