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Tagged with: 2016

Apr 2016 - Gold Road Res

Searching for the next Major Discovery while taking Gruyere through its DFS, construction and into initial ~300kozpa Production from late 2018

Jul 2016 - Dacian Gold Limited

Dacian Gold Limited (DCN) – Completing its DFS and targeting potential gold production of ~250kozpa at an AISC of ~A$900/oz for ~10years

May 2016 - Alloy Resources Ltd

Alloy Resources Limited (AYR) – Participating in the Horse Well JV with Doray with a Target Resource of >1moz & 100kozpa Production

Jul 2016 - Alto Metals Limited

Alto Metals Limited (AME) – Targeting a ~1moz Mineral Resource for Potential Gold Production of ~100kozpa

Sep 2016 - Intermin Res Ltd

Intermin Resources Limited (IRC) –Generating cashflow from Teal, while Entering a JV with EGS to develop Goongarrie & Menzies

May 2016 - WIMnet's Mentoring

What is WIMnet's Mentoring Programme?

On Friday 6 May 2016, I with Chris Sabin (from the Sydney Mining Club) attended what I thought was a Wimnet launch at Ernst  & Young's offices in Sydney. Our attendance came about from my sitting next to Fiona Robertson (who I knew as the former CFO of Delta Gold just a few years' ago [20?]) at a Sydney Mining Club lunch the day before, and Chris said to me (with Fiona there), "I assume you are going to the launch tomorrow ?".

Jun 2016 - Gold and Lithium

2016 - The year of Gold and Lithium

The theme of the conferences and behaviour of the stocks so far this year has clearly been focused on gold and lithium. While it was still doom and gloom in January, the revival of the gold price and its reluctance to fall below US$1050/oz (as predicted at the Tianjin conference in October 2015) caused many speculators to realise that no, gold was not going to meet many expectations of a fall through US$1000/oz to US$800/oz.

Jul 2016 - Horse Well

A Forgotten Gold Mine

Alloy has 40% of the Horse Well JV that Doray has farmed into and earned a 60% holding so far by paying $2m in about 1.5 years. Doray could increase to 80% by spending another $2m by December 2016, however, Alloy can retain its 40% if it contributes its 40% of the $2m, ie $0.8m and recently raised $1.3m at 1.1c per share, so AYR can retain its 40%.

Aug 2016 - Buyer or Finder?

Buyer or Finder?

Delta Gold (DGD) was a classic finder, eg Granny Smith, Kanowna Belle, Wallaby, and the Zimbabwean Great Dyke. One of the  Delta geos (Alastair Cowden), then went on to discover the Nimbus silver mine under Archaean, next to Kalgoorlie (now owned by MRP) and establish Vulcan (VCN) and then Altona adjacent to Outokumpu in Finland, and is now developing Little Eva near Cloncurry in Queensland, and interestingly VCN once held the Lords prospects' tenement (Lord Henry and Lord Nelson) at Sandstone; while another DGD geo discovered Nimary when he was with Eagle Mining.

Sep 2016 - Valhalla?

Woods Point is not Valhalla

In reply to a broker that ERA's next report was to be on Morning Star at Woods Pont, he remarked "oh no, not Walhalla, if you are talking about Walhalla then the gold market has to have peaked, no one has made money out of Victoria for many years". Yes the gold market was at a peak, but not necessarily for that reason.

Oct 2016 - Mantle Mining Corp

Mantle Mining Corporation Limited (MNM) – Reviving the Woods Point Goldfield