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Jul 2002 - Elkedra Diamonds NL

Elkedra Diamonds NL (EDN) – Encouraging Signs in the First Drilling programme

  • Elkedra is already seeing encouraging signs (or potential indications of diamond bearing formations) from the geochem analysis of its first drilling programme at Mt Ultim.
  • The initial success consists of individual drillholes containing a darker red sandy unit, a micaceous chip, and a thick clay zone, which are all regarded by EDN as possibly anomalous, and could potentially indicate highly weathered kimberlite. These units or zones and others are to be subjected to second-stage heavy mineral analysis to identify possible diamond indicator minerals (results possibly by end July 2002).
  • While the initial geochem results continue to be assessed from both Mt Ultim’s 7 drillholes and Central Craton samples, the second drilling program commenced in the last week of June 2002 in the Central Craton focusing on at least 15 high priority anomalies, consisting of aeromag and photo-feature anomalies.
  • Manganese was also found in two grab samples in the Central Craton prospect. Although it has to be acknowledged that they were grab samples, one of the manganese values was relatively high at 42%Mn along with lower percentages than usual of deleterious elements such as iron (Fe) at 0.16% and silica at 5.8% SiO2.
  • Written by: Keith Goode
  • Wednesday, 03 July 2002