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Aug 2006 - DnD - IGO

  • McLeay grades are higher than expected (7%Ni in development, 20%Ni in face)
  • McLeay South (beyond the Goldfields extension) may extend SE parallel to (and East of) East Alpha under Lake Lefroy (if it does, it has the potential to significantly enhance IGO’s value).
  • Anglogold stated they are starting a PFS in 07 & then BFS in 08 on Tropicana.
  • This comment is in response to a number of queries we have received in which we rate IGO as an ACCUMULATE (Hold, Buy on weakness), based on our previous reports, a group visit to the mine (mainly McLeay at IGO’s Lightning Nickel during the recent Diggers and Dealers Conference in early August 2006, and the presentation made at Diggers by Anglogold in favour of Tropicana).
  • McLeay is the extension of the Gibb-Victor channel, beyond Victor South. At this stage it is not clear whether it is faulted south of the Goldfields extension (based on the TEM plate boundary, whether it is a faulted extension of Silver Lake (Lunnon, seems too far) or if it is a separate channel that extends southeast parallel to East Alpha (and outside of CSM Ni) as shown in Figures 1a and 1b.
  • Written by: Keith Goode
  • Tuesday, 15 August 2006

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