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Oct 2010 - DnD - CAH, SLR, MPR

Buy CAH ; Buy SLR ; Spec Buy MPR

  • Our DnD Review is somewhat belated this year, as we completed our report on Focus (FML) first, (which slumped to ~3.8c post Dnd as the market focused on its ~200,000oz in reserves compared to the ~2moz resources), and quite a few of the gold stocks have run / increased significantly since then, spurred on by the Andean takeover.
  • Around Diggers we attended Catalpa’s Edna May mine opening, revisited Silver Lake’s : Daisy East progress underground at Daisy Milano, saw further intersections at Magic and walked over the new Wombola (North Monger) acquisition. We also visited the planned MacPhersons Reward Gold Ltd IPO (which is currently waiting for its ASX code which may perhaps be MPR or MRG) property, and spent 6 days with Focus (FML).
  • Focus Minerals is the subject of a separately released report (16 September 2010) that expected FML’s share price to double from ~5.4c per share, especially when the sensitivity to grade is considered (increase grades by 5%, add 1.4c to FML’s value),
  • Aside from the visits, the standouts at DnD were Silver Lake’s 1000oz (solid) Gold Miner in their booth as shown in Figure 1a, and Sandfire’s copper mineralised drill cores as shown in Figure 1b (showing how realistic their discovery is).
  • Written by: Keith Goode
  • Friday, 08 October 2010