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The reports and comments on this site are currently written by Keith Goode.

ERA’s reports mainly cover precious and base metals companies where anyone can see what the price of the product is, with the majority being gold companies, followed by nickel companies.

The reports are paid for by the company concerned and email distributed free. However, we only do them if we like the management (70%), project (20%) and country (10%) for which you need about 90% in each category.

Sites are visited in order to write a report, and typically a week is spent with a company and then it is written up in the following 2 to 3 weeks, with excel modeling where required slowing the report's timing. Report sizes are typically 6 to 12 pages.

Feb 2023 - Southern Palladium

PGE: Southern Palladium
On its Path towards UG2 Production :
Internal Scoping Study Proposes UG2 Best Scenario & has Started a PFS

This report on Southern Palladium Ltd (SPD) follows SPD’s successful DQ22 drillhole results, and 24Jan23 announced decision to start a PFS and earlier Mining Right application (which doesn’t require a DFS) – it has not been based on a site visit.

Jul 2022 - Understanding PGEs

Understanding & Analysing PGEs. (like Gonneville in the Julimar Province etc)

This report has been based on my knowledge, without consulting Chalice or any of the other PGE coys – while my knowledge is dated, having mined these types of orebody underground with Implats in 1976/7, visiting/analysed them in Union Corp/Implats & Gencor Head Office & for brokers in South Africa, producing a ~100p guide to Sth Africa’s Platinum Sector in 1985, & a rating in PGE analysis to 1988, and again visiting and analysing in the early 2000s under Eagle Research/ERA in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Sep 2019 - The Next Nova

The Next Nova

Despite the many exploration dollars spent in the Fraser Range, both before and increasingly after the discovery of Nova in August 2012, nothing else of material significance has been discovered apart from Creasy’s Silver Knight in July 2018, ~25km NE on strike of Nova. At the dinner after the Nova visit ahead of Diggers in August 2019, it was stated that the three potentially promising “players” for the next discovery in the Fraser Range were regarded as Independence (IGO), Creasy (private) and Legend (LEG).

Jun 2019 - Back to 1984!

Google Earth can go back to 1984!

The following comments are based purely on observation. While writing a research report for Red5 (RED) I wondered if it was possible to see on Google Earth when the bund wall for the ~20Mt No 5 Tailings Pond had been built at RED’s 100% owned King of the Hills (KOTH) mine. Also, whether the wall failure that occurred in the KOTH north pit, which effectively closed the open-cut operations in 2004 could be seen (before and afterwards).