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Nov 2010 - Sth American Review

Buy Extorre (XG) & Exeter (XRC)

  • In the two weeks after we emailed our Post DnD Review on 8 October 2010 we visited Argentina and Chile, spending almost a week visiting Mariana (MARL.L, an AIM listed company that expects to list on the TSX in Dec 2010/Jan 2011, & the subject of a separate report), and the following week participating in an ~40 strong analysts visit for what we thought were only the epithermal operations of Extorre (XG.TO) and Exeter (XRA, XRC.TO), which we attended to enhance our knowledge of epithermals. Mariana’s operations are in Argentina’s Patagonia and Chile, as were Exeter’s before it split under a plan of arrangement earlier this year (Mar 2010) into Extorre in Argentina (mostly Patagonia) and Exeter in Chile. The codes in brackets are Reuters codes (we use yahoo finance to freely access such prices, eg : http://finance.yahoo.com/q/cq?d=v1&s=marl.l+xg.to+xra+xrc.to).
  • WELL WHAT A SURPRISE !!. Both Extorre and Exeter appear capable of at least doubling their ~$6 share prices (Extorre based on potentially higher grades [– they are the highest we have ever seen in an epithermal], greater life, and possibly later greater throughput; and Exeter based mostly on market cap comparison, but also the possibility of occasionally better grades, and possibly better recoveries – especially in the oxide).
  • However, they are TSX or AIM listed companies and not listed on the ASX. So how do you buy them if you reside in Australia?. Well you should contact your own brokers. However, if you trade through Taylor Collison (TCL, the broker we are associated with and are a qualified Corporate Authorised Representative of) then : you place the order with your advisor, who can forward the order to the broker TCL are associated with in Canada.
  • That broker then (say) buys the stock and it is placed in a holding account, which is settled between TCL’s bank in Australia and the associate’s bank in Canada. TCL will raise a trade confirmation on your account which you will receive in the usual way (ie via email or post). For example: An order placed for ~$10,000 XG on 26 Oct, was transacted in Canada overnight, with the contract note received on 28 Oct, for settlement by 29 Oct (basically for TCL clients, the order is executed in Canada, and Canadian brokerage incurred, the whole converted into A$, and then Australian brokerage incurred on the converted A$ total, plus the usual GST on the Australian brokerage).
  • All the information in this comment is public. The visit included a number of broker analysts, fund managers, & media/investor groups like Mineweb and the Midas Newsletter (using video recordings and skype links to Reuters), (and a separate London broker led fund manager group, that appeared to try and avoid our group, arriving on mine sites at times like 3pm and 5pm – so they obviously missed the spectacular Andes flyover of Exeter’s Caspiche mine, east of Copiapo in Northern Chile)
  • It was the first time we have visited Argentina and Chile (well we have passed through Santiago on the way to Brazil and back from Peru when visiting Mundo’s operations). Both countries appeared to be relatively well developed (compared to what we have seen of Brazil and Peru) with Santiago apparently little affected by the earthquake earlier this year (as in its spaghetti junctions of freeways appeared to be intact including the ~11km long freeway tunnel that passes under the city).
  • Written by: Keith Goode
  • Wednesday, 03 November 2010